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Decorative wall panels Art-Panel


The decorative wall panels Art-Panel are panels made on the basis of a composite which is coated with surface patterns. The figure is made by hand with oil paints and topped with a transparent two-component polyurethane varnish. The decorative wall panels Art-Panel are a completely new solution for lining interiors which provides a unique opportunity for full creative freedom.

The decorative panels Art-Panel are a synthesis of technology and art. Thanks to an idea that formed the basis of the production process, the metal used has a new, totally uncharacteristic hue. It has ceased to be a cold, dead material. Now it radiates freshness, and sometimes even heat.

The decorative Art-Panel panels are distinguished by:

  • architectural character,
  • hand-painted,
  • a wide range of colours,
  • a variety of stylistic solutions,
  • the production of panels with the design of the customer,
  • easy installation.

The decorative panels Art-Panel are of limited issuance and the collections of wall panels are not only different in their style and purpose, but also have a very strong unifying principle. This allows you to create different collections using a single coloured material.

The interior panels of Art-Panel, in addition to having standard colours, include two collections of artistic paintings - Expressionist and Abstract - which are performed on a composite basis - the panel is essentially a canvas for the painters' work.

The decorative wall panels Art-Panel have a thickness of 4 mm and are available in the following formats - 650x1250 mm and 1250x1300 mm.

The decorative Art-Panel panels glued to vertical aluminium rails, pre-mounted on the surface of a wall and aligned with a distance of 400 mm between them. Each panel is numbered and has a sequence number in order to avoid confusion during the installation on site.

The decorative wall panels Art-Panel are particularly well suited for interiors, for the decoration of hotels, cafes, restaurants, banks and offices, for railway stations and airports.


Decorative wall panels Art-Panel

Decorative panels Art-Panel

Wall panels Art-Panel

Decorative wall panels

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Private House, Leningrad region (Russia)
Private House, Leningrad region (Russia)
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