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Apavisa porcelain


Apavisa porcelain comprises technical, unglazed porcelain products. Apavisa porcelain always brings to you aunique design, high quality, excellent technical characteristics and a variety of formats and decorative items. Apavisa porcelain meets the highest standards of modern architecture and design.

Apavisa porcelainis produced from dry raw materials with application of the through colouration technology, which allows us to achieve higher technical characteristics of the material and dramatically increases its resistance to abrasion of the surface layer. During production of the Apavisa porcelain, we double burn the product, which makes it extremely durable and ensures dimensional stability.

Apavisa porcelain products are subdivided into:

  • metal imitation porcelain
  • cement imitation porcelain
  • stone imitation porcelain
  • wood imitation porcelain
  • monocolor porcelain

Apavisa porcelain includes 38 collections, 175 colours, 12 sizes, 8 coverage types, 5 variants of textured surface, 4467 elements of the common nomenclature, including cut sizes, special and decorative elements. Apavisa porcelain features a single gauge (monogauge), which allows the combination and mixing of absolutely all of the formats produced by Apavisa. This is especially important for architectural projects and lets you create unique variants of design using a single colour scheme.

The thickness of Apavisa porcelain tilesdepends on the size. Thus, tiles of the sizes 60x120, 30x120 and 15x120 have a thickness of 11.6 mm. The sizes 45x90 and 22.5x90 have a thickness of 11.3 mm. Apavisa porcelain size 20x120 has a thickness of 11.4 mm, the porcelain sizes 60x60 and 30x60 with the surface of graffiato, like in the Inox collection, have the thickness of 11.2 mm. The following Apavisa porcelain tile sizes have the thickness 10.2mm: 30x60 with the surfaces: natural, estructurado, bocciardato, rigato, corrugato, lappato. Tiles of the sizes 45x45, 30x30, 30x60 with the surface of satinado and pulido have the thickness of 9.8 mm.

An indispensable part of every Apavisa porcelain collection is steps. Apavisa steps have 6 profile variants.

Apavisa porcelain also includes

  • Nanotech thin porcelain
  • ArchConcept curved architectural porcelain

Apavisa Nanotech thin porcelain has a thickness of only 4.8 mm and is represented by the collections: Apavisa Nanocorten, Apavisa Nanocolors, Apavisa Nanoevolution, Apavisa Nanoeclectic.

Apavisa ArchConcept curved architectural porcelain emerged in the factory range in 2011 and has revolutionized the professional environment. The Apavisa Porcelanico company did what no one else dared to do. Porcelain became volumetric, it came to life. ArchConcept curved porcelain presents elements of various shapes throughout 6 collections.

The technique of cutting water is used during production of porcelain of unusual shapes for Apavisa Porcelanico architectural projects, i.e. a water jet. This technique is based on the strength of the flow of water and abrasive particles supplied at high pressure. The use of this technique allows us to achieve the perfect cut and make decorative compositions of any degree of complexity.

Apavisa porcelain is characterised by:

  • Special wax micro treatment,
  • Resistance to chemical agents,
  • Low water absorption, about 0.02-0.1%,
  • High levels of resistance to abrasion.

Apavisa porcelain can be used in any type of premises or facility. It is well suited for buildings with high passableness such as airports and train stations. It can be used for interior decoration in private homes, including bathrooms and even pools. Apavisa porcelain looks totally unique on a facade as external cladding. A suspended ventilated facade system is used for the cladding of buildings with Apavisa porcelain. Aunique aesthetic experience and high technical performance make this product extremely popular, as evidenced by a variety of implemented projects around the world.

Apavisa Porcelanico has a permanent stock with an extensive range of porcelain. Delivery time varies from 2 to 3 weeks.

Apavisa Porcelanico

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