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Terms of Use for the PROFASAD website


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"Profasad group" LTD appreciates your interest in our company and that you have visited our website. Please, before using this website (the Site), read these Terms of Use.

By using the Site, you accept this agreement on the Terms of Use.


About the Terms of Use

The terms and conditions herein explain how the information contained in the Site may be used without violating copyrights and any related rights and rules of production of hypertext links to the Site.

The privacy policy explains how we may use your personal information. Under the term Personal Information we mean any information that you provide while using the site.


Use of Materials on this Site

The information provided on this Site is for informational purposes only and should not be used as the sole basis for making responsible decisions. None of the information contained on the Site, including the price lists, shall be counted as a public offer.

We are constantly working with the Site so that the information on it was as accurate as possible, complete and current. Nevertheless, the information contained on this site is provided in a form without any expressed or implied warranty. "Profasad group" LTD and its partners are not responsible for any damage arising from the use of this information or the inability to use the information contained on the Site, as well as on any sites to which there are hyperlinks.


Copyrights and Related Rights

All materials (the contents) of the Site are owned by "Profasad group", "Klinkerwerk Neuschoo", "Olga Muller GmbH & Co. KG", "Torfbrand-Klinkerwerk, "JB Kaufmann GmbH", "Prodema SA", "Formas y Superficies, SL", "Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH ", "Petersen Tegl A/C" and "Apavisa Porcelanico SL" and are protected by Russian, German, Spanish and international legislation on copyrights and related rights. All rights are reserved.

The use or distribution, without permission, of any materials on the Site may violate copyright and other related rights, the right to use trademarks or other laws that may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

The website or any part thereof, except when otherwise stated, may not be reproduced, copied, distributed, stored, transmitted by electronic means or data by any other manner, or used for commercial purposes without written permission from "Profasad group ". Any modification of this Site in use is prohibited.

The site may contain images, copyright and / or related rights that can be wholly or partly owned by third parties.



All hypertext links to the Site must lead to its title page, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the staff of SIA "Profasad group", who are responsible for the site. If this installation of hyperlinks does happen, all materials on the Site, where the links should open in a separate window, should not be presented in connection with a trademark or logo of any other site.


Privacy Policy

"Profasad group" LTD deals with personal information with the highest degree of responsibility. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.

Why is this Privacy Policy?

This policy is referrers to "Profasad group" LTD, in its storage and provision of security for personal information that you pass on through the Site - Personal information is information from which you can be identified by name, address, e-mail server log files, your IP-address - and this can not be shared with third parties except in extraordinary cases as stipulated by Russian law.

"Profasad group" LTD does not assume responsibility for the privacy practices or materials of other web sites that have links to this Site.


Privacy Policy

"Profasad group" LTD shall store and use personal user information that is voluntarily provided such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and names of organizations, in order that we provide the most comprehensive information and services to meet your needs.

"Profasad group" LTD shall automatically receive and record the log files from the server to your browser, including your IP-address information about cookies and what page you are requesting.

"Profasad group" LTD uses this information for statistics of visits so as to improve the functionality and content of the Site in order to then better meet the information requirements for the users of products and services.


Updating the Terms of Use

"Profasad group" LTD may at any time change the Terms of Use. The operating conditions are displayed on the Site.



If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use, you can contact us at:

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