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The Glassfibreconcrete Panels - fibreC


The glassfibreconcrete panels fibreC are large-format thin concrete panels, reinforced throughout their thickness with glass and are designed for the cladding facades of buildings, and for interior decoration. The fibre-reinforced concrete panels fibreC successfully combine strength, formability, fire resistance, light weight and the authentic appearance of concrete.

Fibrous concrete and its production technology have been well known for over 30 years. This material is used mainly for architectural decoration and special design solutions. The dispersion interaction of concrete and glass greatly increases the strength of the material throughout the reinforcement area.

The glassfibreconcrete panels fibreC divided into:

  • facade concrete panels;
  • interior concrete panels;
  • concrete siding;
  • shaped concrete elements;
  • small architectural forms;
  • items

Glassfibreconcrete panels fibreC are large canvases and calibrated with a flat geometry, which is achieved by over a 4-week production cycle. The technology of production of concrete panels fibreC implies, first of all, a batch of the correct colour, and then its placement in a special form with liquid concrete and six layers of fibreglass, of which the four middle layers are woven into a network, while the remaining two are placed in random order. After a 28-day production cycle of hardening the fibre-reinforced concrete by surface treatment and additional boards, including water-repellence treatment, the panels gain water-repellent properties.

The concrete panels fibreC are dyed throughout their entire thickness and are manufactured in 10 colours. The range of ten colours are made using natural dyes based on iron oxide, which is light-resistant, resistant to weathering, water, alkali and acid solutions. All the colours of fiber-reinforced concrete panels fibreC have a natural shade and naturally fit harmoniously into any landscape. Each concrete panel fibreC always has an individual character due to a combination of different shades of colour and texture, such as thin strips, smooth shades, small dents, surface cracks and pores. Panels Fibre C are concrete, nothing more and nothing less.

Glassfibreconcrete panels have a fibre thickness of 8, 10, 13 mm and are available in formats of 1200x2500 and 1200x3600 mm when installing the panels using the technology of ventilated facades.

The concrete panels fibreC are a non-combustible material. They have successfully passed fire tests in Russia and are guaranteed against fires at temperatures up to 350 ° C.

Fiber-reinforced concrete panels fibreC are distinguished by:

  • strength and durability
  • lightweight,
  • high fire-resistant properties,
  • resistance to dynamic and climatic influences,
  • frost resistance,
  • a wide range of colours,
  • a variety of options for the surface
  • an individual look.

Large panels of glassfibreconcrete have tremendous architectural potential. The authentic and unique appearance of fibreC panels meets the highest requirements of modern engineering and design, and their versatile characteristics make fibre-reinforced concrete fibre-C panels extremely popular in the  construction industry. A huge number of objects sold on the world renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid, Gensler and others are a clear proof of that.

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Glassfibreconcrete panels fibreC

Concrete panels fibreC fibreC

Shaped concrete elements fibreC

Interior concrete panels fibreC

Concrete siding; fibreC

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