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Prodema veneered panels


Prodema veneered panels are a unique decorative material combining the advantages of natural wood and an innovative approach to interior and exterior finishing.

Prodema veneered panels are a result of evolution of the technology to manufacture sandwich panels for rail car walls. The company currently offers a third generation of special Prodema veneered panels to architects, designers and builders which has been designed for comprehensive finishing of buildings and various premises all united under a common format and colour palette.

Prodema veneered panels are divided into:

  • ProdEX facade veneer panels;
  • ProdIN interior veneer panels.

ProdEX facade veneered panels were first used in Europe in the early 90s of the last century and have been widely used around the world over the past twenty years in places such as North and South America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. In Russia, Prodema-finished facilities first appeared in 2004.

Wooden ProdEX facade panels are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, precipitation and temperature differences. Tests conducted on the basis of artificial climate change and durability tests showed that after 10 years of operation the appearance of Prodema veneered panels will still be satisfactory in terms of colour and gloss value.

ProdIN interior veneered panels have a different functional purpose, base structure and are divided into:

  • Proligna wall panels;
  • Neptuno water-resistant panels;
  • Auditorium acoustic panels;
  • Laminum finishing veneers.

ProdIN interior veneered panels (Proligna, Neptuno, Auditorium) can be produced with a smooth surface or a rough one which emphasizes the wood texture.

Prodema veneered panels (ProdEX, Proligna, Neptuno) have high rates of fire resistance and have been tested to meet G1 flammability class. A ventilated facade complex made with the use of ProdEX veneered panels is rated to K0 fire danger class (zero fire hazard).

Prodema veneered panels:

  • have been used in more than 65 projects in Moscow and various regions of Russia for over 10 years of successful operation.
  • Flexible pricing: discounts from 5% to 20% apply depending on the order size.
  • Integrated approach - delivery of panels and sub-systems to the site, installation.
  • Warranted 5 to 10 years of operation for exterior wall panels , and up to 20 years for interior wall panels.
  • Demonstration of completed projects and engineering consulting support.
  • Making presentations at the customers site, delivery of samples and catalogs.
  • Availability of all necessary permits for all panels, high fire safety - G1 and K0 classes.

Facade veneer panels Prodema ProdEX

Prodema veneered panels

Facade veneer panels Prodema

Facade panels Prodema

Neptuno water-resistant panels

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