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Ammonit Keramik


The paving tile Ammonit Keramik is intended for decoration of facades and the interior of buildings. The paving products of Ammonit Keramik are clinker facing  tiles (tiles under bricks), clinker stages, clinker window sills and railings. Through using high-quality clay and modern technology the high quality tiles Ammonit Keramik are produced.

The paving tiles, stairs and windows sills of Ammonit Keramik are distinguished by:

  • a wide range of colours and sorts,
  • high wear resistance,
  • strength and durability,
  • resistance to fire, chemicals and acids,
  • resistance to sudden temperature changes,
  • frost resistance,
  • high impact resistance,
  • low water absorption,
  • high resistance to vibration,
  • a non-skid surface,
  • a Colour which is constantly influenced by external factors,
  • a high insulating capacity,
  • easy maintenance.

Ammonit Keramik offers a wide range of clinker products, a variety of colours and sizes, high quality, the best value and is present in the main range of warehouses  in Moscow.

Ammonit Keramik

Clinker slips Ammonit Keramik

Facing tile Ammonit Keramik

Clinker stages Ammonit Keramik

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