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Ivan Chuvelev, Architect: Kolumba Brick won us over at first glance


The Kolumba Brick, designed by Peter Zumthor (over the years he has already won the Pritzker Prize) for a museum in Cologne, won us over at first sight. This unusual roman size (all the buildings of ancient Rome laid upon them), this "inequality" of each building block - that was exactly what we wanted! We got answers to all our questions about the service life of the bricks... The garden of Mr. Petersen has tracks paved with the bricks of his own production and they have been lying in the soil for decades. That was enough for this customer to finally decide to buy it, not only cheap stuff.

We applied the Kolumba for walls (interior masonry and the brick space), in combination with other bricks, which were place over a shaped base. For laying them it is most important to have multiple "zero crossings" over winter, there is a danger that the bricks crack. With this brick, though, nothing happens: in this part of Denmark, like in the Baltic in winter, such a transition occurs on average 12 times while the wind and rain pour horizontally and every other pleasure takes place! Who else but they would know best all about the properties of bricks!

Ivan Chuvelev

Ivan Chuvelev

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"Odinnadtsat Stanislavskogo", Moscow
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