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Clinker Petersen Tegl

Clinker Petersen Tegl

The clinker bricks of Petersen Tegl are bricks that are Danish in origin, which have already been produced for more than 220 years with the use of old charcoal-based technology, and are characterized by having a textured surface and a large variety of colours.

The bricks are produced from tertiary clay, which is red and yellow, by wet plastic formation through using wooden molds. Special machines of their own invention are attached to a clay work piece so that it keep its original appearance. After several days of drying, the work piece is placed in a circular brick oven, where temperatures exceed 1000 C. The Petersen Tegl bricks are heated over charcoal. The heated bricks are mixed so that they are immediately ready for installation at the construction site.

The bricks from Petersen Tegl include:

  • brick facades;
  • long, thin Kolumba bricks;
  • paving slabs;
  • tin clinkers;
  • the Petersen Junior children's toy bricks.

Facade and the ground Petersen Tegl bricks are made in the following formats:
DNF: 228x108x54 mm
HF: 220x105x65 mm
FF: 228x108x40 mm

The Facade and Paving Petersen Tegl bricks are distinguished by:

  • a unique production technology,
  • a wide range of colours,
  • an original appearance,
  • 4 working surfaces
  • pre-mixed and lot produced
  • high durability
  • frost.resistance

A special place in the range of the Danish company PetersenTegl is taken by the long, narrow Kolumba bricks which are produced in a unique format of 530x108x37 mm.

The long faced Kolumba brick was developed in 1997 by the Swiss architect Peter Zumtorom for the reconstruction of the museum of St. Columba in Cologne.

In contrast to the traditional Peterson Tegl bricks, the long Kolumba brick is fired in a gas furnace. This brick comes in 17 main and 13 additional hybrid types.

The Petersen Kolumba bricks are distinguished by:

  • a natural design,
  • a unique format,
  • a variety of types,
  • high strength
  • frost resistance,
  • low water absorption.

The Petersen Tegl bricks and Kolumba bricks have a unique characteristic, an original appearance and high potential in attracting the ongoing attention of experts and private customers. Petersen Tegl bricks are actively used for the renovation of old buildings, since they have a weathered appearance as their surfaces are often associated with bygone times.

The Russian architects Ivan Chuvelev and Natalya Lobanova from the architectural bureau Arch4 in 2005 were the first in Russia to use the Petersen Kolumba bricks at one of their suburban facilities.

Petersen Tegl

Clinker bricks Petersen Tegl

Long thin bricks Petersen Kolumba

Facing clinker bricks Petersen Tegl

Shaped clinker Petersen Tegl

Paving clinker Petersen Tegl

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