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Nikolai Lyashenko: Wittmunder Klinker is a material of his own kind.


The Wittmunder Klinker has been used in the urban environment of Germany for many years due to its aesthetically exclusive material.

It has been successfully used in projects by the leading German architects: C. Mackler, H. Kollhoff, W. Noebel, J.P. Kleihues, and B. Tonon.

This is the only product manufactured using old technology (it is more than 100 years old), and peat fired, which gives each brick a heterogeneity of form, colour and texture while emphasizing the natural materials.

The form of kiln used during the firing makes it possible to produce a diverse range of colours - from yellow-green to blue-violet.

The Wittmunder Klinker brick creates a "live" image plane on the wall and adds unique aesthetics to a facade.

The original form of the bricks allows them to be used in completely different styles of architecture - from classical to modern.

While working for nine years as an architect in Germany, in the development and implementation of projects, I have repeatedly used the bricks from the clinker factory, the Wittmunder Klinker bricks, for facades. To date, our company has set out several sites in Moscow and the Moscow region with the use of this material.

Nikolai Lyashenko

Nikolai Lyashenko

The Architectural Bureau
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Family house, Lesnye dali, Moscow area
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