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Vladimir Plotkin, Architect: the facade panels from Prodema are an innovative material


The front panels from Prodema are an innovative material that provides an opportunity for unexpected structural and stylistic decisions. The large format panels are coated with a natural veneer so you can create a single wooden surface for the facade with the correct geometry and unique aesthetics of a suburban private house and it does not resemble the traditional architecture of a wooden structure.

In the design of one of the private buildings in the suburbs, we used the front panel veneered Prodema, and this material did not disappoint our expectations. The warm dark brown wooded panels were in harmony with the landscape and the green and white silhouette of the building. The Prodema panels were installed in a visible way, and they showed their resilience and absolutely correct characteristics after the installation.

Vladimir Plotkin

Vladimir Plotkin
Chief Architect

TPO "Reserve"

Private House, Moscow area
Private House, Moscow area, Russia
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