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Apavisa Porcelanico S.L.


Apavisa Porcelanico S.L. is one of the 's leading manufacturers of technical unglazed porcelain tiles and is located in the region of Castillon, which is traditionally associated with the Spanish ceramics industry.

Apavisa Porcelanico S.L. was established in 2002, but despite its youth it is already represented in 90 countries.

Apavisa Porcelanico S.L. occupies an area of ??200,000 sq. m., and its production plants are equipped with modern equipment.

In the production of ceramic granite Apavisa Porcelanico SL uses pass-through dyeing, which allows them to gain a higher performance material. The uniform size (mono-calibre) of the granite can be combined and mixed with all the formats produced by the factory of Apavisa Porcelanico SL.

Apavisa ceramic granite meets the highest standards. It always offers a unique design, high quality, superior performance and a variety of sizes and decorative items.


The company site for Apavisa Porcelanico SL can be seen at:

Apavisa Porcelanico

Ceramic granite Apavisa

Porcelain tiles Apavisa

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Telecom City, Moscow area, Russia
Telecom City, Moscow area, Russia
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