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Wittmunder Klinker


Wittmunder Klinker is a German company that has produced clinker bricks for more than one hundred years as one of the region's traditional products from Eastern Frislandiya. As a facing brick, brick paving and as a deservedly famous brand, Wittmunder Klinker is well known for its quality and unique appearance.

Wittmunder Klinker appeared following the merger of two enterprises to create a common brand and a common sales office for clinker production. In the city of Noysho the company, which was founded back in 1860, produces the bricks with modern standard technologies and fires them in a gas tunnel kiln. The modernized production plant at Noysho significantly increased the production of clinker bricks and shortened their production. The elite Vittmunder Klinker facing brick and paving brick are manufactured there in seven days.

The unique plant at Nenndorf has retained the old classic clinker firing technology. This company uses an annular kiln for firing bricks and a Hoffman with turf, hence the furnace reaches a maximum high temperature of over 1200 C. The hard peat burning gives an advantageous effect on the strength and the beauty of the clinker. The laborious and lengthy work on the clinker firing resembles the work done by an artist, as most operations are performed manually, and then followed by the process of sintering by a master. Fourteen days from the start, Wittmunder TorfbrandKlinker, which is a facing brick, and burnt peat and paving bricks, are taken out of the kiln.

A special place in the production of clinker bricks for both companies in Wittmunder Klinker is held by the manual sorting of the finished bricks, thus achieving a unique personality of types, and with a particular order.

The choice of clay, the unique skills used and the experience of generations doing special firing in peat and natural gas kilns, produces the heavy-duty brick Wittmunder Klinker, which has no equal in terms of durability as well as in terms of its special expressiveness and beauty.

The Vittmunder Klinker clinker brick is a heavy-duty, low-porosity, colour-fast, abrasion resistant, frost resistant, durable brick. Specialized institutes and research laboratories have repeatedly confirmed that the high quality of the Wittmunder Klinker brick is due to its pure natural clay.


The site of Wittmunder Klinker can be seen at:

Wittmunder Klinker

Clinker Wittmunder Klinker

Clinker Wittmunder Klinker

Facing clinker Wittmunder Klinker


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