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Prodema S.A.


Prodema S.A. is a Spanish company which has produced large-veneered facade and interior panels for many decades. The assortment of Prodema SA Products include:

  • the veneered front panels ProdEX
  • the veneered wall panels Proligna
  • the waterproof veneer panels Neptuno
  • the acoustic panels Auditorium
  • the veneer finishing Laminium

Prodema S.A. has more than a century of experience in the field of wood processing. All the products from the factory Prodema SA show an evolution of the technological complex. This complex was established as a factory back in the 60s based on the production of special panels of paper, resin and wood for the railway industry.

Prodema S.A. is the world's only company that has developed and launched serial production of veneered front panels that can withstand any environmental impact - rain, snow, frost, solar radiation, and also comply with building regulations.

Thanks to their format, with the veneered panels of Prodema, you can create a clear geometry of a facade or the interior of buildings with a given plane surface, and reinvigorate that with its unique texture and wood colour. The heterogeneity of the texture and the wood colour creates an inimitable aesthetic appeal, and emphasizes the natural material of Prodema.

Prodema SA adheres to the philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation, it constantly improves the quality and aesthetic qualities of its products.


The company site of Prodema SA can be seen at:


Veneered panels Prodema

Veneered facade panels Prodema

Стеновые шпонированные панели Prodema

Panels Prodema

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Prodema - Medovoe cottage village
Medovoe cottage village
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