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Ammonit Keramik


Ammonit Keramik is a German ceramic plant which produces clinker facing tiles (the tile under bricks), steps and window sills.

The history of the plant Ammonit Keramik goes back more than 150 years. Back in the early 18th century, the landowners of these sites drew attention to the special qualities of the clay which lies superficially on the surface. After drying the clay under the sun it becomes as hard as stone. By giving it a desired shape, it was possible to produce a strong and durable object. The first brick was made in this area in 1840.

In 1960, the ceramic factory was bought by Rolf Plyumaher. The highly qualified and successful businessman Rolf Plyumaher worked as an engineer-designer at the firm Lingle, which developed and delivered technical lines around the world for the production of ceramics. In 1964 Rolf Plyumaher re-equipped the brick factory with a high quality ceramic production plant.

With a slight heating, then a high temperature, the duration of firing and the gradual cooling of the clinker gave Ammonit Keramik a high quality, a flat and smooth surface, and the correct geometry, as well as the same colour. The high quality of the raw material deposits which are located near the factory and the high technology used allow the plant to produce at an optimum ratio of price to quality.

Since 2009, the company has been the authorized dealer of PROFASAD Ammonit Keramik in Russia.


The company site of Ammonit Keramik can be seen at:

Ammonit Keramik

Clinker facing tiles

Clinker facing tiles

Clinker stages

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