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Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH


Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH produces facade and interior panels of GRC (glass reinforced concrete) FibreC.

Rieder, is a modern Austrian concern, with more than 50 years experience in concrete, concrete construction, concrete anti-noise panels, concrete products for landscaping, and for the railway industry.

Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH was created in 2003 by Wolfgang Reader, a son of the founder of the group in Germany. Since its foundation the company has made large-scale glassfibreconcrete facades and interior panels from FibreC, which reinforced with fibreglass. By implementing its long-term experience and knowledge of the technology and production process of fibre-reinforced concrete, Wolfgang Rieder, the head of the company, has made a real revolution in the use of concrete as a building material.

Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH gives a synthesis of the advantages of concrete and glass, creating a molded, durable and fire resistant fibre-reinforced concrete large-panel FibreC. The glass fibre cement panels are light and durable.

The large glassfibreconcrete panels of FibreC, thanks to its original appearance and great architectural potential, meet the highest requirements of modern design and engineering. The panels of fibre concrete FibreC make a worthy contribution to the creation of new forms of expression. GRC panels can create a whole FibreC minimalist solution that combines the facade and interior with conciseness and a clarity of lines.

Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH is distinguished by innovation and experimentation in style. The company devotes significant space to dialogue with architects and designers, in identifying their preferences and tastes.

The site of Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH can be seen at:

Rieder [fibre-C]

Glassfibreconcrete interior panels fibreC

Concrete facade panels fibreC

Glassfibreconcrete facade panels fibreC

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