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Petersen Tegl


For 200 years Petersen Tegl has been producing clinkers which are charcoal heated and is currently the only company in Denmark which adheres to this traditional Danish technology. Clinker bricks made by Petersen Tegl are heated over charcoal which gives them a unique appearance that is so highly regarded not only by private customers but also by many architects in Europe.

In addition to the Petersen Tegl traditional facade and the standard clinker brick road formats they also make the avant-garde long and thin clinker brand Kolumba which is heated in a gas furnace, as well as the children's toy building blocks which are in a small format Ц Petersen Junior. Petersen Tegl includes three companies, namely Petersen Tegl A/C, Petersen Klinker A/C and Petersen Junior A/C.

Petersen Tegl traces its history to 1791 when the Danish King Christian the Seventh issued a decree authorizing the opening of the first brick factory in the town of Nibol where there were rich deposits of Tertiary clay. The owner of the porous brick factory in this area was the farmer, Peter Andresen. Today the management of Petersen Tegl is done by the seventh and eighth generations of the family, and it owes its inception to Peter Andresen.

Petersen Tegl uses the technology of the plastic molding of wet bricks with a further heating over charcoal, thus making a significant and unusual variety of sorts of light and dark hues. Thanks to specially designed machines that recreate the old technique of hand-molded pieces of clay, the clinker brick stamps of Petersen Tegl give an original appearance and character to the surface.

Petersen Tegl produces 13 thousand bricks per hour and up to 18 million units per year. The Danish brand Petersen Tegl exports to Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.


The company site of Petersen Tegl can be seen at:

Petersen Tegl

Clinker bricks Petersen Kolumba

Paving clinker Petersen Tegl

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Private House, Leningrad region (Russia)
Private House, Leningrad region (Russia)
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