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The decorative wall panels Art-Panel


The decorative wall panels Art-Panel are made on the basis of a composite of the same name which is produced at a Spanish art workshop.

The idea of the decorative wall panels Art-Panel belongs to the Spanish painter, decorator and designer Helen Arrese. She became famous in 2003 when the brand released several collections of Mitxoleta unique photo albums, decorated with metal, leather, wood and painted. In late 2006, as a result of creative experimentation with large forms, a new unique product was released - the decorative wall panel Art-Panel.

At the heart of the decorative panels Art-Panel there is an aluminium composite material on the surface which carries the picture. The figure is made by hand from the top with paints and then covered with a special transparent varnish.

The decorative panels Art-Panel are few in number and the collections of wall panels are not only different in their style and purpose, but also have a very strong unifying principle which allows you to create different collections using a single colour material.

In addition to standard colours, the wall panels Art-Panel have two collections of artistic paintings, which are made on the basis of composite (which is essentially a canvas for these authors' works).

The decorative wall panels Art-Panel are a completely new solution for lining interiors which provides a unique opportunity for full creative freedom. The Art-Panel is a synthesis of technology and art. Thanks to an idea that formed the basis of the production and technological process, the metal has a new, totally uncharacteristic hue. It has ceased to be cold. Now it radiates freshness and warmth.


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Wall panels Art-Panel

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Decorative wall panels Art-Panel Abstract

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